Our Mission

Paws, Claws, & Cocktails - for a Cause. 

NOLA Bar Cats is a philanthropic promotional and entertainment company for the bar and alcoholic beverage industry that benefits the homeless and feral cat community! We work with various bars, as well as beer and liquor companies to plan and create events that raise money for local area animal shelters (focusing on kitties!). Funding for these charitable events is made possible through paid promotions and sponsorship which market various bars and alcoholic beverage businesses.

We founded NOLA Bar Cats with the idea that we could make an impact on the homeless cat population in New Orleans and the southern region, all while inspiring our supporters and customers to do the same. While it is fun to see cats belly up to the bar, a good majority of these cats are either strays or were strays at one time. The bars, breweries, and distilleries that they patronize sometimes adopt them. (Or the cat adopts the bar, we know how this works!) However, the homeless cat population is growing, and rescue shelters need more assistance than ever in helping to care for these animals. That's where NOLA Bar Cats comes in. We donate 10% of our profits annually to cat rescues, non-profit animal care facilities, volunteer efforts to spay and neuter, and to charitable organizations that support these efforts. Taking the step to Promote with and participate in a NOLA Bar Cats lifestyle allows you to help too and have a great time doing it!